This is the first of a new weekly series of articles I’ll be writing, detailing my opinions, thoughts and advice to players wishing to improve their CS:GO ability.

It is very to easy to take the casual approach to holding a bomb site in CS, and at the start of the CT half you might be one of the people that just wait to see where everyone goes, therefore filling in the position that no one else wants. If you want to be more useful to your team, and be the insurmountable rock on the bomb site that they require of you, choose the part of the map you’re most comfortable and practice it.

One may feel that the best way they can play the CT side is by being amazing in all positions, on all maps, knowing perfect utility usage, timings and sound queues to stop the bomb site from being overwhelmed. Now, this would be great if you were willing to play all 7 active duty maps for 20 hours a day for the next year, therefore becoming a CT sided god. However, even professionals do not have the time to do that, and consequently that is why we see the majority of pro players having their favourite / most comfortable area of the map, and sticking to it for the majority of full buy CT rounds.

Most CS:GO players have time the to play a few games of CS per day maximum, due to school, work and general other commitments. Due to these time constraints, you should pick a part of the map, and try to always play there where possible, therefore becoming an expert in the various strategies to hold the bomb site, or mid. This will also greatly reduce the number of errors you make when throwing smokes and positioning yourself to defend the area of the map. Below are a few techniques to learn and perfect your CT-side holds:


Learn Smokes – Being able to throw a perfect smoke every time will greatly assist you in your defence if the enemies decide to rush you. Many players have trouble smoking ‘A Main’ on Cache… because of this, you can tell the experienced A site defenders from the less experienced ones. Practice these smokes and become an expert.

Anti-rush grenade usage – Learn how to use Incendiary Grenades, Flash-Bang’s and HE’s to slow down the attackers. Learning the timings of when the terrorists reach the entrances to bomb sites is key. Think ‘Mirage B Apartments’, a single incendiary can be enough to stop a B rush, but thrown too early or too late, and you’re 3v5 down and on a retake to save the round. Similarly, throwing a Flash to stop a rush, or to peek is a great tactic, and one that comes down to having great timing.

Sound queues – You need to become a master of using sound queues to accurately find out the position of your opponents. This is useful to preempt the tactics and play your enemies are going to make, and to also give information to your team. One example of a spot where players often make sound queue mistakes is towards ‘B Apartments / Short’ on Mirage. Often players will call that there are players in B Apartments, when they are actually ‘Underpass’. Experienced players in this position are far less likely to make the same mistake.


Angles and positioning – Learning the best angles and area to place yourself on the site is key to having the best position to deal with the oncoming attack. As you become more experienced, you’ll know the prominent spots the terrorists are likely to check first, and therefore you can hold an off-angle or uncommon spot to surprise your opponents. You will also become more aware of holding a different position every round in order to make yourself unpredictable; a skill that comes with map knowledge.

These strategies are essential when holding the various areas of a map. Becoming an expert in these areas of the map will really help to improve your overall game. It is still important to be flexible however, as at times you will still need to cover positions you are less comfortable with, and having map knowledge of more than just one bombsite is hugely important for retakes. But despite this, take the area of the map you’re most comfortable with, learn it and make it your own. You will see an improvement to your CT side holds.

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