We spoke to Krimz from Fnatic ahead of the ECS Season 3 Finals about the team’s preparation for the event, his opinion on the map pool, and his views on the UMP.


How do you feel about your group for this event?

I think that we got the easier group this time. We are really glad for it because we have struggled before in group stages. It’s not going to be easy, but we feel more comfortable playing against these teams.


Your first match is Cloud9, how have you prepared for this match up?

We haven’t prepared anything just for this event, but we have faced them three times in a row in the group stage and beaten them a few times, so we are feeling confident. So we’re going to stick with our own stuff and keep on going.


You’ve had some strong performances versus some strong teams recently. How are you going to keep up that consistent form?

There’s not really a simple answer for that. We’re just going to keep on going, keep our confidence up and just play.


One of the maps we’ve seen you have some recent success on is Inferno. What do you particularly like about this map?

That’s a really hard question actually, because we were the kings of the old Inferno. Then the new map came back, and we just felt at home on it, there was no special preparation. We just like it overall, and it fits us very well as a team.


How confident do you feel going into ECS and ESL One Cologne?

We’ve felt very confident since we’ve come to the finals of Dreamhack Summer. It was a huge success just to get out of the group stage, which we didn’t used to do! I feel that we are more confident, and we believe in ourselves,


Speaking of Dreamhack Summer, you came second to SK. What adjustments do you feel you need to make in order to beat them?

We just need to be calmer and just play more together, just communicate better, and it’ll all fall into place.


What do you feel about the current state of the map pool? Do you feel as if it is balanced at the moment?

I think it’s pretty balanced, except I’d like to swap Train for Dust 2 again. It’s more of a 50/50 map, and I think it’s a lot more balanced.


Finally, do you think the UMP is more balanced now? Would you like to see any other guns become more balanced?

I feel there is no difference at all with the UMP. But maybe bring another gun into the game, maybe a new pistol or something. Maybe instead of the revolver which you can change from the deagle, bring in something else.