We spoke to Coldzera from SK Gaming at the ECS Season 3 Finals about his highlight of 2017, the teams preparation for the Major, and how Felps has integrated into the team.


How have you found your time in the UK so far?

We’ve just been practicing, we’ve just come from Sweden two days ago and we didn’t have much time to practice, so we used those two days to practice. We haven’t hung out a lot in London, but London is really good, I was here one year ago and its beautiful, so I’m glad to be here.


We saw you have a great 2016, winning two Majors, so how are you preparing to get your Major title back from Astralis?

We are practising a lot, so I think we have the confidence to play in the next PGL Major. I think its not going to be a hard Major. I think ECS is more stacked, there’s more good teams, but I think the Major will be good.


So what has been your highlight of 2017 so far?

I think when I was against mousesports, I won a 1v4, and I think that’s my most crazy play!


How has Felps integrated within the team?

Now, he is doing really good. He’s special for us, because as a a guy, he gives space for us in the game. He’s a really good team mate, he listens a lot and he wants to learn so he’s a good player.


Are you feeling confident about your group draw for ECS, and your first match against G2?

When we play against G2 its hard, I think they’re the hardest team to play, I don’t know why but it’s a little bit harder. But we’re prepared. We’ve practiced a lot for this tournament and we are confident.


Is there anyone you’re particularly looking forward to playing in this tournament?

I think I’m looking forward to playing against Astralis!


Do you think the UMP is more balanced now? And are there any other weapons you’d like to see changed?

The UMP I think is broken! They just changed the spray when the guy is too far or too close to you, but the damage is the same so I think the weapon is broken. So I think they need to reduce the armour penetration. But I think its just for that weapon.


How do you feel about the current state of the map pool? Are there any things you’d like to see changed about it?

The map pool is actually good now, but I was pretty sad when they removed Dust 2 and brought in Inferno. I think Cobble is not a good map for playing.  The games are always the same on Cobble, you don’t have much space on T side, so that’s what I don’t. But the map pool right now is good.