ESL has announced a number of changes to their CS:GO ruleset, to be used in all tournaments both online and LAN run by the organisation. They have stated that the changes come as a result of discussions with their “partners” who ESL mention will also change their rulesets to keep the settings unified. More interestingly and somewhat promising for the industry, ESL have said that they used “feedback from the players union” when making their decisions.

A total of four changes have been made:

Round and bomb timers

It is known that Valve changed the timings for their sponsored events and in-game in matchmaking in an update at the end of 2015. As a result of this, ESL are going to follow the 1:55 minute round times, and 0:40 second bomb timers Valve set. This makes sense, as at a competitive level every second counts, and organisers need to ensure their tournament rules are all in line.


After several internal discussions, as well as speaking to the players, ESL have decided to shorten the deathcam down to 2 seconds. This will reduce the advantage that teams can get from watching the deathcam and informing their teammates of the enemy’s position immediately after they die.

End of the round delay

The time before starting a new round after the round ends, has been reduces to 3 seconds. Teams will now have to be more aware if they’re trying to recover weapons from across the map etc.

Jumpthrow scripts will be forbidden

This is the largest change to the rule set, and one that has been debated for a long time. Jumpthrow scripts have been added to the list of forbidden scripts. This went to a vote by the players as a result of feedback, with the results being ‘quite in favour of banning it’. It was always questionable that these scripts were allowed in the game, as they take away the unassisted nature of these pro players. This change will force teams to adjust certain set plays and smokes that relied on these jumpthrow scripts, making for some potentially more varied gameplay.

These changes will come into affect across all ESL events on Monday, 18th of January 2016 at 11:00 CET.