We caught up with Gabriel ‘FalleN’ Toledo of former Luminosity Gaming, now SK Gaming, after their win over TSM in the semi-finals of ECS. We discussed the ECS event, and the upcoming Cologne Major. 

How have you found playing at this event? Have you enjoyed the set-up, as well as playing in London?

“Yes, this is the second time here, last month we came to play in the ESL Pro League. London is amazing, this time we didn’t have time to go and visit the city, but last time we had the opportunity to do that and its crazy, wonderful city!”

How have you felt your team has been performing at this tournament?

“I think we are going great! We haven’t lost any yet, and I think everyone is stepping up when its needed, so overall I’m very satisfied with our team performance.”

Do you feel as though you’ve been playing more consistently as a team recently? We saw you go through a slight rough patch just after the Columbus Major.

“The problem after the Major was that we were preparing ourselves too much for the Major, and after winning it, we tried to keep the same pace and we just couldn’t. So now we understand that it was a mistake, we should have just relaxed for a week or two, but instead of that we tried to do boot camp and then we got burnt out, so that was a bad decision.”

“we tried to keep the same pace and we just couldn’t”

How are you feeling about facing G2 in the finals?

“It’s gonna be awesome, I think they want revenge from last tournament, from the finals of the ESL tournament. They are also in pretty good shape, and we actually talked within our team saying that they are the most skilled team to play against, they hit some crazy shots!”

Do you feel as thought this event has helped you prepare for the Major?

“Yea definitely. I think every single team here has been stepping up in this tournament, and its very close to the Major, there’s not very much you can change in time for the next tournament, so its looking great.”

How do you feel about your group for the Cologne Major?

“The group is very weird to be honest, we have Fnatic, G2 and us, who’ve made it to the final teams here (ECS). We have some teams like G2 who had to qualify so they had a lower seed. Some people are saying that there should be different ways to create the groups, but they made a draw live, so its random which is fine.”

How do you feel about the removal of Inferno and the addition of Nuke into the competitive map pool?

“Being honest, I liked Inferno, it was one of our best maps, and for me in particular it was a pretty good map, so I felt bad for it to be leaving. But Nuke is good, I think we still need more time to learn the meta of the map, so right now it doesn’t look too interesting, but that can change in the future.”

Have you been practising a lot of Nuke? We’ve seen a lot of teams be quite shaky on it

“We have been practising Nuke, mostly against other teams if they want to test us, but we’re not the kind of team who’s going to pick it against other teams right now because we don’t feel so confident, we have a lot of other maps that we feel more confident on. But if they want to come and play Nuke, we’re ready.”

Do you think that the schedule has been too busy recently? Has this affected the time you have to practice as a team?

“Right now in this last month it’s been fine, so the online leagues have just been finishing, so its okay. But when the season was first happening they were a lot of games, you had to play like one or two games daily, and then we don’t have enough time to practice. So it depends, right now its fine but I think after the break in August, it’s going to be super intense again.”

You are a very confident team on Overpass, is there any particular reason for this?

“We’re just good, I think we have a great read on how to play on both sides of the map. Why we’re good as a team on this map is because the players themselves are good on this map, but maps like Cache, we haven’t been playing Cache for a long time, and that’s because our players are just weak on the map. Even if you try to make the team work better together on Cache, it just doesn’t work because the individual plays just don’t happen for us. But on Overpass it’s different, we know how to do a lot of stuff, so that’s one of the reasons why we pick this map.”

If there’s one thing you could change about CS:GO, what would it be?

“Probably the jumping accuracy should be decreased because there are a lot of people killing people jumping, and that’s not how it’s supposed to be. That’s something that they should be looking to change, there’s been some crazy jumping kills that shouldn’t be happening, a lot of maps that it makes a difference on.”

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We’d like to thank Gabriel for the interview opportunity.