G2 Esports have just announced they’re new roster change, signing kennyS, apEX and NBK formerly from Team EnVyUs. The three new players will replace ScreaM, RPK and Smithzz, with Smithzz now moving to the role of coach for this new G2 roster. This news comes after both teams failed to make it to the live playoffs in the January 2017 Eleague Major in Atlanta, with both the teams having a rather inconsistent form in 2016. The former roster hit their peak when they won the ECS grand finals in London in June of 2016, but did not fulfil their potential throughout the rest of the year. This new roster change means,  in theory, they should be a much more consistent team with big names such as kennyS and apEX bringing a new lease of life.


Rumours have also been circulating that RPK will potentially move to a new team along with Happy and Sixer, as well as LDLC player XMS and an up and coming young french player, devoduvek. This rumoured second French team are yet to release anything to confirm this, and it is unclear whether they will be part of Team EnVyUs. Team EnVyUs have since tweeted that they will be making a statement “regarding our future in CSGO tomorrow morning” soon after the new G2 roster was announced.

Although ScreaM was potentially involved in the organisation of this second French team, it is rumoured that he may now have been offered a position in FaZe. He may end up taking the place of aizy, who is rumoured to be replacing Rubino in North’s roster. However, this has not been confirmed, so there is still a possibility that he may be involved in this second French team.