So what is the “Swiss-system” and what benefits does it bring over other qualifying styles and systems? 

The “Swiss-system” consists of 5 rounds of best-of-one matches, and the teams keep playing until they have 3 wins (which result in them qualifying for the major) or 3 losses (they are eliminated from the event). After each round, teams are randomly matched against a team with the same number of wins as them, that they have not played against before.

You may ask what benefits this system brings? Well it allows for a more fair and well rounded set of results after the tournament has run its course. This is because it reduces the chance of a team winning one or two upset matches and qualifying, as in theory the teams that as a whole are best prepared and deserve the place at the major, are more likely to not get eliminated because of one or two poor performances.

The qualifying event runs from Thursday June 9th to Sunday 12th of June. So far we have seen some strong showings from Cloud 9, Team EnVyUs amongst other teams, showing their will and desire to be playing at the next major in Cologne.



More details can be found on ESL’s post here.

Image credit: ESL