Luminosity have topped their Group in Turner’s ELEAGUE, overcoming Cloud 9, Renegades and team Liquid.

After 11 games played, the Brazilian team topped the group with a total of 12 points from 10 wins, only losing 1 game. They achieved a positive round difference of 177-113, and their nearest group competitors were Cloud 9 who finished the group stages on 5 points from 6 wins.

The Group A Final between Luminosity and Cloud 9 ended up 2-1 in favour of Luminosty. Cloud 9 got off to a great start by taking Map 1; Mirage. This came down to a huge performance from Jordan ‘n0thing’ Glibert who dropped 33 kills vs the MLG Major winners. Cobblestone was map 2, with ‘coldzera’ and ‘fer’ stepping up both dropping 30 frags each for Luminosity to carry their team over the line, and take the second map. Dust 2 was the third map, a map famous for throwing up some huge upsets over the years, Cloud 9 could certainly have been feeling confident here. However despite a notable performance from ‘Stewie2k’, Luminosity held out to take Dust 2 and win the series 2-1.

As a result of their victories the Brazilian team have comfortably qualified for ELEAGUE’s playoffs, Cloud 9 will have to make it through the Last Chance Qualifiers if they are to make it to the playoffs.

You can find the group stage standings here.


Image credit: ELEAGUE