Ninjas in Pyjamas have announced that friberg will be departing the team, being replaced by Fredrik ‘REZ’ Sterner. This roster change comes after NiP’s poor performance in recent tournaments, as well as failing to qualify for both the ELEAGUE Major in January 2017, and the PGL Major being hosted in Krakow in July 2017.

This move has been highly anticipated by many fans, as NiP have been on poor form since late 2016. Although their second newest addition to the team, Draken, has proved his skills with the AWP, he has been unable to pull NiP out of their slump. However, many fans are still sad to see friberg leave his long term team, after playing for NiP for almost five years.



Although there were some rumours circulating that NiP may pick up players from GODSENT, who are currently in a similar slump, the team instead brought in REZ from Epsilon Esports. Epsilon have since announced three new players who will join their line up, smooya, maeVe and COSMEEN.