The Ninjas in Pyjamas have become this first team to reach the quarter finals of the MLG Columbus Major after seeing off Mousesports in an exciting best of 3, taking the game 2-1. 

After it was revealed that THREAT would have to stand in for NiP due to Pyth’s visa problems, many doubted NiP’s chances of even reaching the quarter final stage of the tournament. THREAT has revitalised  NiP from the sidelines as a coach and in-game strat caller. The ex-CS 1.6 pro has done fantastic work to clean up NiP’s style and ensure they rely on far more set plays to give them the upper edge. However it was hugely unexpected and never intended that he would be playing for the team, particularly during a major tournament, however he played relatively well in most games picking up some key frags. Solid work from NiP’s all stars f0rest and GeT_RiGhT helped push them through to the quarter stages.

Map 1 – Cobblestone – 16-5 to Nip (Mousesports Pick)

Map 2 – Cache – 12-16 to Mousesports (NiP Pick)

Map 3 – Overpass – 16-9 to NiP (Random)

The Ninjas will face Na’Vi tomorrow 1st April in the quarter finals. 

Credit: Ninjas in Pyjamas