NiP recently announced their 2016 CS:GO lineup, with many questioning who would replace Allu, the Finnish Awper who left the team in December 2015. The player replacing Allu will be Jacob ‘Pyth’ Mourujärvi, the young Swedish rifler who has had short stays with teams such as Luminosity and SK Gaming. Similar questions have been asked over certain player positions, and who will lead the team in game in the new year.

Below we’ll look at each individual player of the 2016 lineup, and analyse whether the team can be a real threat in 2016.


Player #1 – Adam ‘friberg’ Friberg

Friberg has faced a lot of criticism recently for his performances, which coincided with NiP’s slump throughout 2015. NiP started to improve during the latter months of 2015, however friberg didn’t stand out and it was mainly f0rest and Allu stepping up being the reason for NiP’s improved results. friberg’s role within the 2015 NiP roster and historically, has always to be the teams ‘entry fragger’. However he has really struggled in recent times, and the article announcing his appearance within the team had no mention of him his role as an entry fragger, and as a result I feel he may take up more of a support role. It is yet to be confirmed whether this is true, and which player could replace his as the teams entry fragger. 2016 is going to be a huge test for friberg, and time will tell whether he can do what many other players have done; start to shine again.


Player #2 – Richard ‘Xizt’ Landström

Xizt has been NiP’s main IGL for the past few years, with just some short spells giving the role to GeT_RiGhT in mid 2015, however he is now handing this over to the teams new coach and in game leader; ‘THREAT’. More on ‘THREAT’ below. This move will allow Xizt to do what he does best, with many arguing he can be used more efficiently focusing on fragging in a support or entry role, instead of being an IGL. I hope that this move will allow Xizt to hit the heights of f0rest and GeT_RiGhT and in-turn drag NiP back into the frame to be a top four team.

Player #3 – Jacob ‘pyth’ Mourujärvi

After Allu left, no one knew who would replace the Finnish awper in the NiP lineup. Whilst not an awper, pyth will be the man to try and add some firepower to the team. As a relatively young but somewhat experienced rifler, pyth has played for teams such as SK Gaming and Luminosity. pyth hasn’t been a stand out player by any stretch during his time playing, and it is yet to be fully seen the sort of impact he can have when playing the likes of teams such as fnatic and EnVyUs.


Player #4 – Patrik ‘f0rest’ Lindberg

f0rest has been NiP’s best player over the past few months, dragging them out of their 2015 slump, with big victories over TSM and EnVyUs in the latter part of the year being as a result of his god-tier performances. NiP would have taken a huge hit if they didn’t have f0rest going into 2016. He is a dynamic played who is very good with pistols, rifles and the AWP, and it is yet to be said who will be the teams dedicated awper in 2016. f0rest is the teams best awper, and best rifler, however I personally feel it would be wasted talent if he was constrained to an awp instead of being able to move around freely with a rifle. I’d be surprised if f0rest didn’t continue to be the teams most consistent player in 2016.

Played #5 – Christopher ‘GeT_RiGhT’ Alesund 

For some time it was thought that we’d be seeing a potential NiP roster without GeT_RiGhT. The hugely talented lurker was touted for a huge move to the NA scene with Cloud9 at the end of 2015, however this is not the case and the Swede returns with NiP. GeT_RiGhT has always been a huge performer for NiP, specialising in the lurk role, something he does very well. He is strong with rifles, can make calls and help lead the team, and just playing alongside a man of his talent is enough to help boost the teams overall confidence and performance. Lets hope that Christopher can maintain his performance levels for NiP going into 2016.

NiP’s New Coach – ‘THREAT’

After the player announcements, it was announced by NiP that the former CS 1.6 player Björn ‘THREAT’ Pers will be the teams new coach and in game leader. THREAT has a very structured approach, using a series of set plays to overturn his opponents. This is very different to the style NiP have adopted in recent months, and in theory it should tighten up NiP’s game and plays. His move to NiP has widely been described as a positive one, and it will allow Xizt to focus on what he does best, getting frags. THREAT is a great addition to the 2016 roster and it’ll be interesting to see just how his style can influence the Ninja’s game.