The latest CS:GO update features the highly anticipated update to the map Nuke, as well as a new operation; Operation Wildfire, amongst other things. 

Opertation Wildfire brings a pass that can be purchased for £3.99 (prices vary dependant on region), and the pass includes access to over 50 missions, that can be accessed through the Operation Journal. It also includes access to a displayable Operation Coin, that can be upgraded as you progress through the missions. The missions now come in a number of variations, most notably you can now play cooperative Gemini Missions, which involve you and a friend fighting off waves of bots.


A new Wildfire Case also came as part of the Wildfire Update, featuring 16 top-rated community-created weapon finishes. Those who have purchased the Operation, have access to case drops, as well as weapon drops from the Wildfire Case and other collections, these are the Cobblestone, Overpass, Cache, Gods and Monsters, Chop Shop, and Rising Sun collections. This means that there is a very, very, very slim chance you could be dropped a Dragon Lore. As well as the new weapon finishes, the developers have designed a new knife, the Bowie Knife. The Bowie Knife comes in many weapon finishes as can be seen below, and looks great in game, certainly one of the better looking knives in our opinion.



The Operation takes place on the seven new community-created maps, that are free to play for all players. These maps are playable in the Competitive, Casual and Deathmatch modes. These maps are FMPONE’s Santorini, arguably the most balanced map in the game, as well as Tulip, Cruise, Coast, Royal, Mikla and Empire.


Nuke Returns!

The community had been calling for the release of the updated Nuke that had been confirmed to be in development by the Counter Strike developers. The new map features gorgeous visuals, and many updates to the map and how it is played. Bombsites A and B have been overhauled, and the outside area and silo have become a lot easier for the T-side to take control of. Overall, the map is more balanced, it looks great and plays just as well. Jump onto a server and have fun on the new Nuke, its a great map and hopefully we’ll see it in the active Competitive map pool at some point in the near future. We will post an article and video detailing the updates to Nuke in more detail soon.


The Operation will last until June 17th, after that the maps and missions will no longer be playable. Have fun playing the new maps and working through the missions over the next few months!

Credit: © Valve