Both Fnatic and GODSENT have announced their new roster changes, with Fnatic returning to their line up used in early 2016. GODSENT have swapped out former Fnatic players Flusha and JW, who will now return to Fnatic. This in turn means that Disco Doplan and Twist are leaving Fnatic to join GODSENT in a straight swap.

This return of the previous Fnatic roster could mean great things for the former major champions, as both GODSENT and Fnatic’s form has been somewhat inconsistent. GODSENT were knocked out in the groups stage of the ELEAGUE 2017 Major, failing to qualify for the playoffs as many may have expected. FNATIC had a much better run however, making it to the semi-finals and ultimately losing to the team who would be crowned Major champions, Astralis. Undoubtedly Fnatic performed better than many may have expected, especially with the roster changes that were heavily rumoured at the time. By bringing JW and Flusha back into the team however, potentially could mean that they’ll return to a stronger form, with the more experienced players back on their side.

However, this doesn’t mean that GODSENT now have an inadequate roster. Disco Doplan and Twist undoubtedly proved themselves at the ELEAGUE Major, and although they may not have been as consistent as other players such as Olof and dennis, still showed the strength of their own individual ability. Although they may not have the sheer fire power and experience of the new Fnatic roster, GODSENT still have a lot of potential, and are a team still capable of making it into the top 16. Fnatic will play their first tournament with their new roster on February 8th at ESL Pro League, with GODSENT yet to announce their next tournament appearance.