ESL have recently changed their rules regarding previously VAC banned players, allowing them to participate in tournaments as long as they were banned in the past two years. Although this has been part of the rule book for smaller tournaments, this will allow previously banned players to participate at much larger events, such as ESL One, IEM and ESL Pro League. The only exception to this would be if ESL were to hold a Valve supported tournament, such as a Major.


This will allow players such as Emilio, who was banned mid game after he used an X-ray cheat in matchmaking, to compete in large tournaments.


This new rule has caused uproar with not only the fans, but also players. Many took to Twitter to express their opinions, with the general consensus showing that this rule is unfair, and is not beneficial for the community.



This also brings into question whether players who have previously fixed matches should suffer a worse fate than those who have used cheats. One of the most famous instances was when iBUYPOWER threw a game against, where iBP bet against themselves in order to win skins. Although this is still against the rules, it is clearly unfair to treat cheaters differently to match fixers in this instance. ESL have gone onto argue that their policies are “not set in stone”, as much of the community hopes there will be some amendments to these new rules.