Tuesday 28th –

Hellraisers v Natus Vincere – Hellraisers have surprised many this tournament, currently placing in the top half of the leader board in 6th place. They have beaten the likes of Virtus.Pro and G2 along the way, and it will be very interesting to see them play a team with a stronger standing, with NaVi presently placing 4th. DeadFox has really shown his ability throughout ESL Pro League Season 5, but it will be crucial for the whole team to be performing well against a team such as NaVi, who although didn’t have the bets to start to their year at the Major, have since implemented a new coach.

Wednesday 29th –

Ninjas in Pyjamas v Natus Vincere – NiP haven’t been on their best form recently, however, since picking up Draken, there has been obvious improvements in their performance. Last week, we saw NiP beat LDLC, and Draken showed his strength with the AWP. Although its likely that NaVi will take the win here, it will be interesting to see how NiP can perform when put against a team that they were previously able to beat, especially considering NaVi are not on best form currently.

Thursday 30th –

Team EnVyUs v Virtus.pro – since their roster change, Team EnVyUs have been somewhat inconsistent, but surprisingly haven’t been overshadowed by the “French Superteam” that is G2. However, they are at the lower end of the standings, currently placing 11th. VP are around the mid range, currently placing 7th, which may surprise some, as they have been on great form recently. However, this match up will be particularly interesting, as this is one of the first times these two teams have played one another with nV’s new roster. This means it will be crucial for nV to produce some fire power if they have any chance of beating VP, a team renowned for being powerful. In theory this could bring out a more aggressive side of nV, which is what they have previously been famous for, but instead with their new roster.

Fnatic v FaZe Clan – FaZe, although currently placing 5th, have been very up and down throughout this season, winning 7 games but also losing 7. However, both of these teams have to potential to be in the top 4, especially seeing as FaZe have recently acquired Niko. Fnatic have also been fairly inconsistent, losing one game to Team EnVyUs last week, as well as both games against NiP. Considering they have both had roster changes recently, will this be the week we really start to see big improvements?


Header image credit: ESL