Valve have started to make its major tournaments more exciting, by creating the CS:GO Fantasy Team Game. Although you have to buy the 5 stickers (some of the better players can be fairly expensive) to take part in the game, 50% of the money goes to the teams and players of which you are buying the stickers for. I can justify myself and others spending the money, as it is a fun way to help support your favourite teams and players, and without them, there would be no tournament. The only downside to this is that the smaller teams will receive significantly less revenue due to their reduced popularity, especially considering the amount of people opening packs to try and get big stars like kennyS.


For those who don’t fully understand what the CS:GO Fantasy Team Game is, essentially you can buy stickers, either by purchasing one of the team packs and getting a player at random from that team for (price?), or purchasing them through the Steam market place. The downside to purchasing them through the Steam Market place is that the players with the best stats can be very expensive, players such as Flusha and Scream. Within the CS:GO launcher, on the Watch page you can access the Fantasy Team Game, and Valve has included a helpful table showing the recent stats of the players, to help you decide. Now you may ask, why go to all this trouble, what can you win? The answer is, not a lot, there are a number of different Fantasy Trophy’s to be won, depending on which bracket and how high you score within the community. However I personally feel it’s a great way to get the community more involved and engaged whilst watching the tournament, and you just have to hope that the player you pick as the ‘Clutch King’, nails that 1v5.


So who did I pick, and why did I pick them?


For the Commando role, I chose Dupreeh. TSM are playing very well leading up to this major, and they should easily pass through the group stages, with there not being another top 6 team in their group, with the nearest competitors being the struggling G2 and then Mousesports. For this reason, Dupreeh should come out of the group stages with a solid K/D ratio, the area that the Commando receives bonus points for.

For the Clutch King role, my selection was NBK. Although he sometimes entry frags for EnVyUs, that role is generally left to his teammate apEX. This means that he can follow in to the site they are attacking, and then hold it, with potentially some clutch situations arising from this. EnVyUs are in a group with NA’VI, but should come through as the top team in the group. The Clutch King role gains 4 points for each kill as the last surviving member of the team, so for example a 1v3 clutch win could be very valuable.

For the Eco Warrior role, I selected NEO. NEO seems has been in the Counter Strike scene for a while, and is a very experienced player, and through this time he seems to have become very effective with pretty much any weapon. This, coupled with VP’s strong form and ability to ‘plow’ through their opponents with any weapons they can get hold of, NEO should perform well and get key eco frags, gaining me 2 points per kill with a pistol.

When I was considering who to pick as the Entry Fragger on my team, JW was a name that didn’t initially spring to mind. As an aggressive AWP player, it now makes sense to me that he’s a solid choice for the role. Whether he’s trying to get the early pick on D2 down mid, or rushing a choke point trying to catch the enemy’s off guard, he should be able to land some key Entry Fragger bonus points.

Now, for the Sniper role, this will come as no surprise to many, I’ve selected kennyS. Lately he has been back to some of his best form, and with the confidence boost of winning some recent tournaments, he should be able to get the key Sniper kills points. With an AWP in hand, kennyS can play slow and passive, or aggressive depending on the situation, and is certainly considered as one of the best current AWP’ers, if not the best..


My selection should help make watching the tournament even more enjoyable, and I’m looking forward to seeing who will take the Dreamhack Cluj title, with at least 4 teams all looking like they can win.