We caught up with NiP’s coach Björn ‘THREAT’ Pers following NiP’s loss to G2 Esports at the ECS Season 1 Finals in London. We discussed the teams performance at the event, as well as how the team are preparing for the upcoming Cologne Major.


Since you joined NiP earlier this year, NiP’s style has changed and results have greatly improved. What do you feel the main reasons are for this? 

“I think the main reason is discipline and structure, I changed the entire game plan of the team so we have way more structure now and discipline, and I think it’s that simple.”

Why do you feel your team struggled against luminosity, and G2 at this event? Do you feel you could’ve done anything differently?

“I think we’ve been in quite bad shape recently, and I take full responsibility for that. I think my calling has been a bit off, and also our schedule has been very hectic, so we haven’t had time to prepare anything new. We’re getting to the point where we’re quite easy to read, so I think it’s a combination of us being in poor shape and we just need to put in more time.”

Going on to your point about the schedule being hectic, do you feel its too busy due to the various different leagues located around the world?

“Yes, we’re going to change that in the future, so we won’t say yes to everything anymore.”

Do you feel there are other teams out there that could see an improvement in results with the addition of a coach? Is it surprising that all of the top teams dont have a dedicated coach?

“I actually think it is, I think most team would profit from having a good coach. I mean, there’s a lot of teams out there that just rely on their individual skill, and I think all those teams would play better with the right coach.”

How do you feel NiP’s preparations have been going for the Cologne major?

“Well we practised last week, and after that we went straight to Dreamhack, and then straight from Dreamhack to here, so finally we have at least one week of pure practice for the major. So hopefully we can get in proper shape for the Major.”

Can we expect anything exciting from NiP at the Major?


Pyth’s performances have been slowly improving in recent weeks, particularly with the AWP, how key do you feel his performance is to how well the team plays overall?

“I don’t think he has a super important role, maybe on the CT side for where he is our main awper, he is quite crucial. As you said, he has been playing really well recently, but I think it’s just a team effort, I don’t think his performance is the key thing for us in terms of playing well, it’s up to everyone to perform.”

“its up to everyone to perform”

What do you think of your group for the Cologne Major?

“I think we’ve been quite lucky with the groups in the Major, we have FlipSid3, who we played and MlG Columbus and beat. There’s Optic who we beat at ELEAGUE, so we should be able to pass the groups. We beat NaVi the last time we played them, but we have a really good group, especially when compared to some of the others.”

Why do you think your team is so strong on Cache? Why is that your ‘go to’ map?

“I mean we have been destroyed on it the past two times! I haven’t had time to watch the demo back form today, but I think we just struggled a bit with discipline and structure, we kind of had the same game plan going in, but we don’t have the same crisp timing, so we’ll have to work on that going into the Major.”

Do you feel as though your coaching style is heavily reliant on demos?

“Well not really, it completely depends. Sometimes you watch a demo and you realise that we juts got out fragged this game, we actually made a lot of right decisions, we can just change this tiny thing and it will make us a lot better. I think it really depends, but you should really watch demos especially when you lose, it helps a lot.”

How did your team react when Inferno was removed and Nuke was added to the active map pool?

“We rejoiced! It was the worst map, for me it’s always been the worst map in the map pool, I absolutely hate that map!”

Why would you say you hate it?

“I think it’s the least tactical map out of the all in the map pool, which I know a lot of people disagree with me on, and I think its kind of a map where you can’t really gain any information from it, you just have the walk through tight points, you wit for smokes, so I think it becomes a guessing game, are there going to be two or three on B, or are they going to play A, you don’t know. It’s a guessing game, and I don’t like that.”

We recently saw you win Dreamhack Masters Malmo, and reach the finals of Dreamhack Summer. Do you feel as though having a home crowd behind brings out the best in your team?

“I think that helps, it’s maybe not the most crucial thing but it’s quite obvious if you look at the results form this year. So I do think it really helps laying on our home turf.”

We saw you playing as a stand in for Pyth at the MlG Major in Columbus. Did this make you miss playing?

“A little bit, it did, but at the same time it was a bit annoying because we had prepared so much before the event and I had to play, so I think we kind of got to show off at Malmo instead, which was the first event after MLG. But sure, I did miss it, and I was actually surprised that I could make a difference in the game. I lived abroad for 6 months without a proper PC!”

Finally, if you could change one thing about CS:GO as a game, what would it be?

“Before I would’ve said remove inferno, but it’s already done! Maybe makes the smokes less powerful, I guess in terms of how large they are and how long they stay.”


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We’d like to thank Ninjas in Pyjamas and Björn for the interview opportunity.