As many Counter Strike: Global Offensive players will know, skins are one of the coolest, and possibly one of the most addictive elements of the game. However, skins can be rather costly, and it can be a struggle to find amazing looking skins, without emptying the entire contents of your Steam wallet. Here are my top picks of skins under £5, for guns that you’ll actually use!

Note: The prices are based upon Minimal Wear condition for each weapon, at the time of writing (October 2015). If Factory New condition is available under £5, it will be noted.

1 – P90 – Trigon

The P90 is one of my favourite weapons, and as a consequence, I feel like this skin is undoubtedly worth mentioning in my Top 10. This skin however, is not available in Factory New condition, but for Minimal Wear, it costs around £2.83.


2 – Glock-18 – Water Elemental

The Glock is the default starting pistol on T side, and I always like to have a skin to brighten up my day on those full eco rounds. The water Elemental is the skin I actually use on my Glock, and have done ever since I started playing, as I managed to get extremely lucky when opening my first ever Operation Breakout case. Currently, in Factory New condition, the Water elemental costs just £4.89, but for Minimal Wear, it’s safely under your £5 budget, at just £2.61.

3 – AK-47 – Elite Build

Although it may not be the most exciting skin out there for an AK-47, the Elite Build is still one of my favourites. Unfortunately, there are very few skins available for the AK-47 that are under £5, but at just £0.35 for Minimal wear condition, you can’t really go wrong. If you want to upgrade the quality to Factory New condition, it’ll only set you back £1.23.


4 – M4A4 – Dragon King

M4A4 skins recently increased their value after the M4A1-S was nerfed in a game update not too long ago. This does that mean that you’ll be paying slightly more for these skins than you would of a few months ago, but most are still relatively affordable, the Dragon King being my personal favourite. In minimal wear condition, it only costs £3.24, and as long as you find one with a good float, you’ll barely notice the difference between that and Factory New condition.


5 – Galil – AR Eco

Although the Galil is not a gun I use particularly often, I really like how different this skin is compared to any others on the market. Minimal wear is the best condition you can get the Eco in, and it’ll only set you back £2.99.


6 – AWP – Sun in Leo

Personally, I feel like the AWP is the gun with one of the best selection of skins out there, however, most of them come at a rather high cost. The Sun in Leo however, has gradually declined in price, leaving it at only £2.84 for Minimal Wear, and £4.45 for Factory New.


7 – USP-S – Caiman

This skin is like Marmite, you either love it or you hate. Personally, I really like it, and I’m quite glad it’s not a very widely used skin, and it makes it feel more unique. It’s also quite cheap for such an unusual looking skin, just £2.06 for Minimal Wear, and £3.19 for Factory New.


8 – Five-SeveN – Monkey Business

Although this only just scrapes it to under £5 in Minimal Wear condition (£4.75), I absolutely love this skin. It’s one of the most frequently used Five-SeveN skins, and for good reason, it’s one of the boldest Five-SeveN skins on the market, and the banana makes it rather comical.


9 – MAC-10 – Fade

I personally love all fade skins, but as many of you may know, they’re not exactly affordable in most cases. However, there is one fade skin that comes to just £2.31 for Factory New condition, and that’s the MAC-10. Although it may not be a very commonly used gun, sometimes you just want cool looking skins in your inventory, and it’s hard to get anything cooler than the fade.


10 – MAG-7 – Counter Terrace

For all you JW fans out there, you’ll know how awesome using a MAG-7 can be, and it needs an equally awesome skin to go with it. Counter Terrace isn’t exactly very common, I think I’ve only ever seen it be used once in a competitive game, but I still think it deserves a place in this line up. The vivid green reminds me slightly of the Galil AR – Eco, and I absolutely love the colour scheme. Factory New condition also comes in at under £5, at £2.79, and Minimal Wear following closely behind at £2.10.