We want to put out an update post about where Top Mid currently stands, and discuss our vision for the future.

We want to expand our team of journalists and writers, to create a constant stream of Esports related content. Having a larger team of writers would allow for more opinion pieces, news articles, interviews etc to be posted on a regular basis, and help grow the organisations’ presence and name. We have also travelled the world covering Esports events, and potential opportunities for event coverage will present themselves, a hugely exciting prospect! Our team of writers will predominantly focus on CS:GO, League of Legends, Overwatch, Dota 2 and Hearthstone. We are also obviously open to covering more titles, as the Esports scene continues to rapidly change and grow. We’d also like to explore the avenue of video content creation, get in touch and let us know your ideas!

We are actively looking for passionate and up-coming writers to help us to achieve this goal. This presents a fantastic opportunity to get your work out there, shared and read online by thousands of people, and having past writing experience is preferred but not essential. If you have a passion and talent for writing and Esports, get in touch and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. The opportunity is hugely flexible, and designed to work around you.

If you’re knowledgeable of an Esports title, and want to get involved with writing for our organisation, send an email to contact@topmid.gg – with any experience of previous work, why you want to write for us, and what area of Esports interests you.


We’re looking to pick up Esports teams within a range of titles. We have had some minor success with a recent Overwatch team. But we’re looking to expand, and become a sustainable and successful organisation. We’re always open to new opportunities, please do not hesitate to get in touch contact@topmid.gg. 

We hope to have built a platform for success by the end of 2016, and use our team and resources as effectively as possible going into 2017! For now, the site will continue to be on hold, whilst we form a team of journalists and content creators over the coming weeks and months.